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Bibek Sapkota, Born in April 1997, is an entrepreneur from Nepal, Helping people to make passive income with Various online jobs opportunities. He is also a writer and social worker. He has made great contributions to the revolution of the tech industry in Nepal. Having mastered many sectors, he prefers to introduce himself as a Professional Blogger, Digital Marketer & SEO Specialist.

Bibek Sapkota was born in April 1917 in the Kavrepalanchok district of the Bagmati province, Nepal. His father and mother both were involved in farming.

Early Life

Bibek Sapkota, the youngest among three sons of the Sapkota family, started his early education at the Janata Higher Secondary School of his village, In 2002. He was very good at studying from an early age and was always successful in achieving the first position in his student life.

During his school life, he used to teach his juniors and even his classmates, for which he started earning money from an early age. He said in an interview that he had saved the money to buy a laptop.

He spent his childhood working in the fields with his father, spending some of his spare time writing stories, poems and reading various books.

There was no internet access in the village; not everyone had a mobile phone in their hands. He was very interested in technology; even though He didn’t even have a phone, he read magazines and books to gather knowledge and information about technology.

Bibek Sapkota Career

After finishing his intermediate level studies in 2015, he quit his studies and immersed himself in the digital marketing field. When he entered digital marketing, there were very few people involved in digital marketing in Nepal.

He then proceeded with his work with great dedication.

“I worked very hard at the beginning of my career, I worked continuously without sleeping for two or three days, but I never felt tired, I always enjoyed learning new things,”

He said in an interview.

He now runs a large digital marketing agency and spends most of his time in business meetings. However, in his spare time, he writes blogs that are very helpful for those who want to establish themselves in digital marketing, blogging, and affiliate marketing.
His blog currently has 98 million monthly readers.
He has also published his articles in Some biggest online magazines like Forbs, BusinessInsider, Inc, Verge, Entrepreneur etc.

Due to his diligence, he has become a very successful person at such a young age. May he become more successful in his life.

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